Erotic Equals

Who ever said that size doesn’t matter ?!


“Damn!” thought Brit.  She’d got too wrapped up in her assignment and had lost track of time while working in the quietness of the computer lab at Uni.  The last late-night bus had just left and whereas normally she’d just call her boyfriend to pick her up, a stabbing feeling in her gut reminded her that he’d broken up with her two weeks ago.  “It’s not you, it’s me”, was his lame excuse.

She still couldn’t fathom why he’d left; he hadn’t given any better reason than that before moving out of their shared flat.  But it hadn’t gotten her too down – except for missing a car-ride from him now – because she knew she was a prize catch for any guy.  At 5’11” tall with big, round DD-cup breasts and long, straight blonde hair cascading down to curvaceous hips which topped an awesome round ass, Brit knew she was by far the best-looking girl in her entire Engineering year-group.  She looked around; none of her friends had stayed this late.  She began to worry she might be stuck here, until she saw the Lab Administrator still sitting in his glass-walled “fishbowl” office built into the front-corner of the room.  She’d had a few brief interchanges with him previously when she’d required his assistance in the lab, and he seemed a pleasant enough fellow.  His name was (she thought?) Steve, and like the stereotypical IT genius, he was tall & lanky.  He certainly didn’t have the well-built muscular physique of the guys she’d dated in the past, but given he wore an almost permanently smile under his thick mop of dark, curly hair, he was obviously a very happy guy.  Brit knew he’d recently become engaged to his long-term girlfriend who also worked on campus, but she wasn’t really impressed with his choice.  His wife-to-be was short, dumpy, flat-chested and positively mousey. Also, as opposed to Steve, she looked cranky most of the time.  Brit had no idea why he’d been with her for so long … Brit’s only conclusion was that Steve’s girl must be awesome in bed?  Despite this assumption, Brit was sure her feminine wiles wouldn’t go astray in scoring a lift home from him tonight.

Undoing the top button of blouse to expose the upper trim of her light-pink lace bra, plus of course offer a tantalising glimpse a little way down her deep, inviting cleavage, Brit made her way over to the “fishbowl”.  Swinging her long, blonde hair seductively as she knocked on the glass door, she smiled sweetly as Steve looked up and beckoned her in.

“Hi Steve!” she began.  “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got a little problem”.

“Mmmm?” came his response.  Brit noticed he was very politely looking only at her face.  Which, lovely as it was, may not do the trick in getting a lift home.

Taking a seat opposite him and leaning forward, the top of her blouse gaped open even more as she asked, “You wouldn’t live on the Southside, would you?”

Brit knew she’d got his attention when his eyes flicked downwards, almost imperceptibly, and he stammered in response, “Y-y-yes, actually I do.”

“Do you know Ascension Drive?”

“Sure.  I’ll be driving right along it on the way to my fiancee’s place shortly”.  His eyes flicked downwards again, hesitating on her luscious cleavage momentarily.  “Do you need a lift?”

“You’d save my life!” Brit gushed.  “I’ve missed the last bus, and have no-one else to pick me up”.  

“No worries then. I’m leaving in five minutes and my car’s in the staff park just out the back here”.

“Thanks sooo much!” Brit leaned forward even more, and noticed Steve squirm in his seat as her entire cleavage was now exposed to his obviously-appreciative eyes.  He jumped slightly as she grasped his hand in appreciation. “I’ll be ready!”

The trip back to Brit’s flat proved most pleasant.  They turned out to have almost identical interests and with Steve being a great conversationalist, they sharing a number of hearty laughs.  Brit took advantage of her joviality to push out her DD’s every time she guffawed; having popped open yet another button as they were walking to the car earlier, her nipples were now reacting to the cool night air that streamed down her now very-open cleavage.  Steve was trying, but definitely failing, to be polite as Brit caught him on a number of occasions not-so-surreptitiously ogling her big tits and hard nipples which she was more than proud to have on display.  For her part, she definitely noticed a sizeable bulge appearing through the tight fabric of his jeans 😉  The fact her short, tight mini-skirt had ridden so high up her shapely thighs as to almost expose her panties certainly didn’t hurt her temptation of him either!  This obvious affect she was having on him, plus the tingling of the refreshing night air over her well-exposed tit-flesh and inner thighs, was now beginning to have an affect on more than just her nipples.  With a little surprise, Brit noticed her pussy was now definitely starting to crave his physical attention.  She knew he was engaged, but she was sure her feminine delights could convince him to meet her growing sexual desires.  She was definitely chasing MUCH more than a safe late-night ride home now …

Steve actually steered their conversation in that direction by asking how she’d made it home previously when working late in the Lab – clearly he’d noticed her before tonight, which didn’t surprise Brit given her looks, but did give her further hope regarding her current plan!  

“My boyfriend would pick me up.”  Looking down, she continued quietly, “But he broke up with me two weeks ago.”

“You’re kidding!!!” exclaimed Steve loudly, obviously shocked.

“Guys and girls break up,” she continued, “it can’t be that surprising.”

“But who’d be dumb enough to leave YOU?”

“What do you mean?  I’m just another girl.” Brit responded, a little coyly.

Steve’s face reddened a little in the dim light of the car.  “Like hell you are!  You’re by far and away the hottest woman I’ve ever seen enter my Lab.  And I see hundreds of students every day.”

Brit’s pussy throbbed at his complement – she was in with a chance with this lovely, but engaged, man!  But she’d still have to play it smart …  “That’s really sweet of you to say – particularly now when I’ve been feeling a bit down”.

“Just calling it as it is.  If you’re still feeling neglected next time you’re late in the Lab, I can compliment you again on the way home!  Ah, and here we are …”

As the car pulled to a stop in front of Brit’s apartment block, she recognised how truly sweet he was.  She’d definitely piqued his lust with the display of her amazing rack, but as much as she could tell he’d appreciated it, he’d tried to defuse the sexual situation to something just friendly with his last comment.  He was still an engaged man of course, so she’d really have to bring out her “big guns” if she were to borrow him from his fiancee for the night.

“I can’t thank you enough for dropping me home at this time of night!”  Brit said, as she tenderly rubbed his left hand holding the steering wheel.  Playfully she added, “I might have to work late more often!” as she climbed out of the car.  Swinging her curvaceous hips as she flipped her satchel over her shoulder, Brit knew it was time to make her move.  Rounding the front of the car, she leant over – far over – in front of Steve’s window and tapped on the glass.  The driver’s window slid down, and Brit knew that Steve was now unabashedly staring at her huge, round globes hanging palely mere inches in front of his face.  

“Come upstairs with me?”  She asked in a husky voice.  “I REALLY want to thank you properly!”

“I can’t … I’m engaged …” his voice wavered.

“Does she have tits like mine?”

“No!  I think hers are tiny.”

“You don’t know?” Brit asked, surprised.

“No … she never lets me see her even partially naked, no matter how many times I’ve asked.”

“But you must have touched her tits – even through her clothes?”  

“No … she never lets me touch her like that either.  No more than kissing anyway.”

“Even though you’re going to marry her?  How do you know you’ll even like sex with her?”

Steve’s eyes dropped, “Isn’t sex good with anyone?”

It was clear to Brit that Steve was a virgin.  It was even clearer that she’d be able to give him more than his fiancee ever would or could.  Brit reached into the car, took his right hand off the wheel and slid it down her deep, soft cleavage.  Instantly her nipples went rock-hard as his strong hand warmly caressed her needy tit-flesh.  She moaned quietly – as did Steve.

“Come upstairs with me, baby.”

“I … can’t.  Even though you’re absolutely gorgeous …”

Brit could hear the torment in his voice.  She leaned in through the window and kissed him.  Not just brushing his lips with her own, but locking them together until her tongue teased inside his mouth and began sensually swirling with his.  She was instantly as horny as all fuck – and from his breathing she could tell Steve was too – so she opened the car door, flicked off his seat-belt and pulled him into her tight embrace.  

“I’m yours for tonight.  No-one else needs to know.  Now come on up and you can touch me wherever you want!”

That did it for Steve.  He knew this was the best offer he’d ever receive in his life, and he’d be an idiot to reject it.  

After tripping up the stairs together in their excitement, fumbling with the keys and then bursting through the door of her apartment, Brit took charge.  

“This is for you, Big Boy!” 

She pushed Steve down onto her sofa, took position right in front of him and began the most erotic strip-tease she could imagine.  First her smooth, taught tummy was exposed as Brit slowly danced & edged her yellow & white-striped top upwards towards the underside of her bra.  As the huge, round curves of her DD’s were eventually exposed in their light-pink bra, Steve gasped loudly.  He’d just become a tit-man 😉  Finally pulling her blouse off over her head, Brit swung & swished her long, blonde hair over her breasts as she unclipped her bra and tantalisingly dropped one cup at a time.  In doing her best to tempt Steve – at which she was succeeding mightily given the massive bulge in his jeans – she was getting fucking horny herself.  Her nipples were as hard as granite, atop large aureolas that had turned dark-pink in their wanton need for his attentions.  Steve was in Heaven!

Swinging her shapely hips, Brit watched Steve begin to rub himself through his jeans as she ever-so-slowly unzipped her bright-yellow mini-skirt and exposed her small, light-pink cotton panties as she lowered it down over her creamy thighs.  Steve groaned in approval – the curves of her ass-cheeks were almost as magnificent as those of her incredible tits.  With the mini-skit now hitting the floor, Brit began to dance her fingertips along both sides of her crotch.  Steve was mesmerised, and now panting in desire.  Hooking her fingers under the waist of her panties, slowly, teasingly they exposed to Steve Brit’s bare pussy.  Steve had never even considered this sweet unshaven look before, and the smell of Brit’s desire from the moisture trickling out from between her puffy, aroused pussy-lips gave him no choice but to unzip his fly.

“That’s MY job, Big Boy!” whispered Brit, as she leant forward and helped his cock literally leap out of its previous restraints.  This time it was her turn to gasp – “Big Boy” was definitely an understatement as Steve’s huge cock was at least 10″ long!!  She’d never have expected that!  Wrapping both her hands around his shaft and intertwining her fingers, she began to slowly slide them up & down his massive length.  Steve lay back, his hips jerking every time her soft hands glided sensuously over his thick, purple cock-head.  With his eyes shut in pure ecstasy, he didn’t even notice Brit soon lean in towards him until he spasmed when her moist tongue lapped over its sensitive tip.  

“Fuuuuuck!” he moaned, simultaneously thrusting his long member towards her.

Brit greedily took as much of his length into her mouth as she could, and continued tantalising his huge manhood with her lashing tongue, hot mouth and gagging throat.  She could tell he’d never had a blow-job before, and although she was very well-practiced at it, she’d never had the privilege of performing one on a cock this big!  The thought of being filled by his unexpected but wonderful surprise had her own pussy streaming girl-juices now.  She didn’t care who he was supposed to marry – she wanted to make him a man herself!

Tasting his sweet, salty pre-cum, Brit knew her oral expertise would bring him to orgasm far too soon.  With one final naughty lick of his cock-head, she drew back and looked into his eyes as they flickered open. 

“Like that, did you?” she asked teasingly.

“You’re as talented as you are gorgeous!”

Shimmying up to rest her dripping cunt on one of his muscular thighs, she pushed his appreciative face into the luscious cleavage between her aching DD’s.  “I know you’ve been wanting these!”

Clearly never having touched a woman’s breasts before, Steve’s initial explorations with his fingers were gentle, and his eyes full of incredulous amazement.  Brit wriggled her pussy on him in excitement as he squeezed & caressed her huge, round DD-cups.  She moaned as his fingertips probed her dark, thick aureolas.  She gasped as his hot, sucking mouth closed over each of her turgid nipples, his tongue flicking over & around each one lusciously.  Steve was enraptured, sensually exploring her busty bounty in every way he could think possible, all the while driving Brit’s body to erotic desperation.  The pulsing of his long cock reflected his excitement of exploring this curvaceous goddess!

As much as Brit herself was erotically overwhelmed by the most amazing, sensual attentions to her breasts that she’d ever received, her body’s ultimate lustful ambitions could be denied no longer. 

“I want you!” she moaned into Steve’s ear.

“God, I want you too … but I don’t know if I should go that far”, he responded, as he slid four of his fingers inside her gaping, sopping hole.

Brit convulsed.  “Make ME yours forever!” she managed to gasp, as her body bucked against his slowly-thrusting fingers.  She squealed as the palm of his hand banged against her wildly-aching clitty.  “Fuck ME with that huge cock of yours. EVERY night!” she whimpered desperately into his ear.

The life choice was easy for Steve.  A stunningly curvy, sexy woman who was the object of lust for every red-blooded man who had ever laid eyes on her; or his fiancee, who’d never even shown him her bare legs above her knees.  This sex-crazed nympho who had been the first to discover his huge cock and now wanted to worship it forever; or an overly-conservative girl who’d never displayed any vestige of physical desires.  

With his strong arms, Steve lifted Brit bodily and plunged her dripping pink slit down over the full 10 inches of his over-sized, fully-erect member.  They both screamed and shuddered as their joint lust coursed through their quaking bodies.  With the fire of red-hot sexual desire driving her, Brit rocked back & forth on Steve’s lap, his long cock sliding in & out of her craving womanhood.  Faster and faster they thrust together, but it was when Steve pinched her sensitive nipples and caused her pussy to spasm in response that Brit lost all control.  Her velvety cunt gripped the length of his cock tightly, and with heads thrown back they both roared in orgasmic release as she felt jet after jet after jet of Steve’s hot man-cum blast deep within her.

Their sweaty bodies eventually stopped writhing together and they collapsed in each-other’s arms on the sofa.

“Holy fuck, you and that huge cock of yours pleasured me like I’ve NEVER been pleasured before!”

“Well, your incredible curves are beyond my wildest dreams!  And your raw sexuality!”

“So, Big Boy, where are you sleeping tonight?”

“Inside you! And tomorrow night as well.  And the night after.  And the one after that …”

Their lips met as they both celebrated the joy of finding their erotic equal at last!

This story remains (C) Breast Inspector. All characters within are purely fictional.