First Time Bathroom Sex – At a Friends Party

I think to myself some pretty nasty thoughts and decide to follow you to the bathroom. I tell your friends I was going to get a refill our drinks. I sneak passed any one that could to see me to get where you went. I go to the bathroom door and knock. I say, Lisa, I got something for you.


We are at get together at a friend of yours place. It’s getting late and every time I look at you, I just want to kiss your lips and neck and do all sorts of nasty things to you. I am polite and a gentleman and I respect that you are having a nice time. You excuse yourself to use the restroom. I think to myself some pretty nasty thoughts and decide to follow you to the bathroom. I tell your friends I was going to get a refill our drinks. I sneak passed any one that could to see me to get where you went. I go to the bathroom door and knock. I say, Lisa, I got something for you. You say, what are you talking about, what’s going on? You open the door slightly and I gently push my way in and close the door behind me, not locking it. You ask with concern, what’s going on? I say, you want to do some risky and possibly embarrassing. The look on your face is of confusion and a little bit of freaking out. Before you could answer, I take a long step to you and place hand on the back of your neck and pull you towards me. My mouth latches on to your mouth and my tongue quickly enters your mouth for a deep passionate kiss. Your hands go flat on my chest as if you were going to push me back but there was no force to do so as if you wanted to but I liked what was happening. I pull back, you say wow, what’s with you. I still have my hand on the back of your neck and, again, I pull you in for another deep passionate kiss. After, you say, babe..babe, when we get home, I promise. I spin you around where you are facing the bathroom mirror and you see me behind you with that all so familiar look on my face. I begin kissing your necks ear and my hands reach up behind you to your stomach and work their way up to grab your breasts. You are saying softly and quickly, no…no…no… I hear alot of no, but no physical resistance to my advances. I have you pressed up against me, you feel my hard cock against you through our clothes. You say, babe, the door….the door, it’s not locked… You try to be quiet, but heavy breathy is getting louder. With the door not locked and your friends are just mere feet away, you become worried. You try to turn around to reach the door to lock it but I won’t let you. I lean you down and your hands grab the edges of the sink as your submission to me increases. You look into the mirror again to see yourself and pushed down with against the sink and me pulling your dress up. You are terrified and excited at the same time. You feel your panties quickly pulled down to your ankles. You see me disappear from the mirror as I drop to my knees, you fill my hands spread you open. Your stunned and amazed how quickly we got to where are. You hear me saying quietly, baby, you are wet already. You exclaim quietly, oh shit. Then suddenly, you feel my tongue penetrate you, you try so hard from making any sounds but little chirps of moans escape you. You struggle with every instinct to moan and scream out as you know everyone in the house will hear it. You hear the sound of little wet smacking sounds of my tongue swirling inside and out of your pussy. While kneeled, I undo my pants to prepare my cock to enter you. You hear me undoing my pants, I hear you say softly, oh fuck. You know what’s coming next. You worry with door unlock, the house full of people. You beg to me, baby, I’ll fuck you go tonight later, I promise. You could really stop this at any point, but you don’t because you love to submissive to me plus part of you loves. The dirty and dark side of you wants it and wants really bad. I stand up and you try to stand with me but put my hands on your shoulders to keep you leaned down. You feel the head my cock quickly slide up and down your wet opening. You look in the mirror to see me, we make eye contact, and you give me a look as if a switch just flipped inside you. You say with passion, stick that cock in me! I start to push in, I see your mouth open wide with excitement before you lower it down. You struggle to stay quiet, it is so hard not to make a sound. The first few strokes, I pull you into me as I push into you. Oh god, you softly exclaim. You keep looking in the mirror when you can and it looks as good as it feels. My hands are firmly gripped on your hips as my strokes are deep, long and quick. Suddenly, there is a soft knock at the door, we stop for an instant. You say with some composure, occupied. Then we here an, okay and then hear footsteps away. I continue my reckless pace, you feel you are so close to cumming. You reach down to massage yourself as I am stroking inside you. You desperately try not to scream as you normally do. Your climaxing starts, your moans are muffled well. I see your back arch, bursts of breathes escape you, I know you came. Just after you cum, you feel me pull and start stroking myself to finish so I don’t fill you up. After you relax for a second, you stand up next to me. Your tongue enters my ear and I feel your hand reach down to fondle my balls. You know my weak spots, I cum quickly into paper towels. We are both breathing hard, still not trying to make any sound. I pull up my pants and say, see you out there. You come out of the bathroom thinking there is no way they didn’t hear any of that. Your hair is messed up a bit and your thoughts are all over the place. I pretended I was talking to someone in the kitchen. You sit next to me but can’t look at anyone. I place my hand on your knee and look at you and whisper, it’s okay. That reliefs you a bit and you look up and you make eye contact with one of your friends. She gives you look like she knows. She says with a coy smile, everything good, Lisa? You reply back with confidence, everything is great. You grab my hand that was on your knee and smile at me. You whisper to me, thank you. And then you add, hope you took your vitamins for later tonight. I think to myself, my gosh, what did do?