Mistress Roulette – Part 2

Tied to the bed, hoping my mistress returns, I get a surprise.

I heard footsteps again, but these were different. The door opened and someone entered, almost silently.

Should I say something? Or, was this a test? I could barely think straight at this point and decided that I was better off keeping my mouth shut whenever I could.

The woman approached me and sat on the edge of the bed. I could smell her. It definitely wasn’t my Mistress, it must have been one of her guests. What was she doing here?

I felt a little humiliated all of a sudden, once I realized a stranger was staring at my tied, naked body. Though, I stopped being embarrassed the moment she laid her fingers on my stomach. They traced back and forth over my sensitive skin.

“The girls and I,” she started, almost flirtatiously, like she was holding back an excited laugh. “We were having some drinks and well,” she stopped.

The woman was clearly feeling a little nervous being next to me. She’d probably never seen anything like this before. There was nothing I could do, but lay there, silently, hoping I wouldn’t upset her, or Mistress.

“Helen, err, your Mistress,” she stumbled. “She seems to have gotten me a little tipsy. And, you don’t know me, but I tend to get a little mischievous when I’m drinking like this.”

The woman’s fingers drifted down to my locked slit. The touch startled me and I let out a little moan, almost begging for her to please me. I didn’t know who she was, but at that moment, I was willing to do anything for her.

“After I let it slip that, well, I was feeling a bit amorous, it became apparent that a few of the other ladies shared my sentiments. So your Mistress devised a little game we could all play.”

The woman paused and I silently wished I could see her face, or her thick, red lips. She seemed to be waiting for my reaction. But I didn’t give one. I continued to lay motionless, waiting for her to explain my fate.

“She told us that she might have something for us in the other room. We were all very curious, of course. After explaining some of the details, she showed us the key to your… pleasure.”

The woman clearly didn’t know how to proceed from there. I felt her staring at my tied, helpless body. My nipples stiffened and begged to be sucked. I couldn’t stop my naughty imagination from running in all directions, tormenting my already damp, sweltering pussy.

“She told us all about you; about your little rules. She made us learn them all before we would be allowed in here, so that if you broke any of them, we’d know. And we are all under strict instructions, to tell her of any mistakes you make.”

I heard the woman slip off her shoes. They fell to the floor with a quiet thud. Again, my mind raced, imagining what she looked like, where her feet were, if they were bare or covered in sheer nylon.

“She told me that you won’t say a word to me, unless I ask you a question,” the woman stated, almost in disbelief. “Is that right?”

“Yes,” I croaked, clearing my throat. I was so turned on, nervous and anxious I barely got the word out.

“Well, you are definitely well behaved,” she moaned. “I have to admit, I am very turned on by this little setup she has you in. I’m not what you’d call a lesbian. But, I can’t deny this isn’t, quite hot. Seeing a beautiful, young woman so exposed and submissive, well, it’s got me very interested. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I felt her other hand against my face and her fingers rested on lips. They were coated in a warm liquid. Their scent quickly intoxicated me. I was putty in her hands.

“Yes, very, Miss–” I hesitated.

“Oh, just call me, Missy,” she instructed, moving her lust-covered fingers over my lips and onto my tongue.

Oh god she tasted sexy! Although, at that point, even the slightest hint of femininity turned me on like crazy. I was moved emotionally by Missy’s grace and affection. I felt like crying, more out of desperation than anything else. I needed this never-ending arousal to be quenched.

Her essence tasted so sweet that I became dizzy with desire. My body thrashed against its restraints, rejecting this long, drawn-out torment. Would it ever end?

Her long, soft fingers left my lips and I heard her panties slip down her long legs. My imagination couldn’t keep up with my heartbeat. All the blood in my body rushed into my confined, swollen clit. It pounded and ached beneath its metal covering, but trying to grind any satisfaction from it only made the throbbing desperation for an orgasm worse.

“I’ll just put these here,” Missy teased, timidly. She placed her slightly damp underwear on my quivering stomach. “Mmm,” she moaned, quietly, “this is so naughty. I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

The smell of Missy’s perfume seemed to fill the room and dominated my senses. Somehow I was able to focus on the sound of her playing with herself. The soft laps coming from her luscious labia were like music to my ears. How could something sound so beautiful but feel so torturous? It was like the sound of a waterfall which a person dying of thirst can’t seem to locate!

My hips started to rhythmically rise and fall, possessed by something uncontrollable. I needed her to fuck me. I needed to come. I would have done anything.

“Settle down, naughty girl,” Missy instructed. A lilt of ecstasy threaded her voice.

I tried my best to take deep breaths and focus on the feeling of suffering in servitude, just like Mistress had taught me. But god it was so hard to do right now.

“I forgot to mention,” Missy squeaked, between heavy breaths. “The game your Mistress came up with. Well, it’s your key. You see, there was a lottery, and one of us girls, or your Mistress was awarded the key to your release.”

Oh fuck. Is she serious? Does she have it? I wanted to ask her a million questions, but I couldn’t risk it. Even if she didn’t have the key, she could tell Mistress that I misbehaved.

Missy continued to keep me in suspense as I helplessly listened to her thin fingers slip in and out of her dripping slit.

After a few minutes, she whined with pleasure. I could tell she was close when she shifted and lifted one of her legs onto me, pressing the ball of her nylon foot into the side of my ass.

“Oh, god, I’m enjoying this. I don’t know why seeing you like this is so arousing. Maybe it’s the quiet way you are so behaved and so willing to be used like this. It’s so freeing and inspiring in a way.”

Missy shrieked a little as she fucked herself. She pressed her delicate foot into my ass, harder now. I could feel the rhythm of her movement by the way she pushed off her sole.

“Oh, fuck. I’m close,” Missy whimpered.

I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a pained moan in desperate agony.

“Should I come for you? Hmm? Would you like that?” she asked me, seconds away from orgasm.

“Yes, Missy. Please. Come for me!” I begged. “Let your wet pussy throb with delight as I lay helplessly aroused by your beautiful presence!”

“Oh fuck, oh, god, yes,” the sexy woman cried, pushing over the edge.

All I could do was lay there and smell her sweet, potent aroma fill the room.

Missy sighed heavily, as she finished enjoying her somewhat violent climax. She pulled her foot from my side.

“Oh my,” she giggled, sitting up in her chair. “My fingers, could you be a dear and… get all of this, off? I get a little messy when I cum. But, oh, I really enjoyed that, sweetie. Thank you.”

My mouth opened without hesitation and soon I felt her warm honey assaulting my senses. The delicious tastes were overwhelmingly sexual. I sucked and licked her perfect digits until there was nothing left on them. I lifted my head, allowing Missy’s fingers deep down my throat. I wanted to gag on her cum-soaked tips, I wanted to please her as much as I possibly could.

“Ohh,” she snickered, withdrawing her fingers. “That’s all you get.” She picked her panties off of my belly. “Now, about unlocking you,” she paused.

I could hear her adjusting herself, reaching for something.

I couldn’t help but get my hopes up. I wanted to cum so badly. I didn’t even care how, just as long as I got relief from tight, hot frustration eating me up inside.

“I’m afraid, I wasn’t the lucky lady who won it,” Missy sighed, seeming sympathetic. She slipped her shoes back on her feet. “Thanks so much for that, again. I thought it was quite fun. You really are a well behaved, little lady.”

A whining plea escaped my lungs but I managed to stop it from breaching my lips. And with that, the mysterious woman left. The sound of her high heels dissolved into the din of the party behind the door.

I lay there for a while, agonizing over the release I so desperately wanted. My swollen canal continued to ache inside the restrictive device. The smell and taste of Missy’s excitement still teased my senses. I yearned for her to come back, for anyone to come back and release me from this torment.

Was I in Heaven, or Hell? How could something so uncomfortable, so agonizing and tormenting be something I enjoyed?

I re-adjusted my sore, tired body, pulling against the cuffs that wrapped my wrists and ankles. I loved being helpless, waiting for my Mistress to free me. I was willing to suffer and endure for her because I knew that, above all else, it brought her pleasure. I sometimes felt I would endure almost endless agony if I thought it would bring Mistress matching levels of ecstasy.

I got something deeply satisfying, profound and meaningful from being so submissive and selfless.

My pussy throbbed with discomfort. The horny, wet arousal had to end soon, or I was going to lose my sanity. How much longer could I keep my wits while being teased to extremes like this? I really didn’t want to screw up! Mistress could easily add another couple of days to my chastity if I misbehave. I had to focus.

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