Unrequited Love & Lactation

Very best friends finally fulfil each other’s deepest desires!


Natalia sighed, plopping down on her plastic-wrapped sofa in the lounge room of her new flat. Even though she’d had a moving van shift all the large furniture, to save cost she – with Mark’s help – were moving all the remaining boxes themselves, and it was hard work! Thank goodness for Mark, as she never would have been able to do all this by herself. Mark was a much-loved & appreciated long-time friend, and was like a big brother to her. She and her BFF Lana both became great friends with Mark when the three of them started the same university course together many years ago, and their unbreakable friendship had continued ever since. Lana and Mark had been married for 10 years now, though all through that time he continued to go over & above in helping Natalia whenever she needed it. Even after Natalia finally married, she still called on Mark when her husband couldn’t, or wouldn’t, help when life’s emergencies sprang up.

Natalia’s narcissistic husband was now a thing of the past; their short marriage had been going downhill well before the birth of their first child, and on the delivery day he wasn’t even man enough to support her through the caesarian. She didn’t see him again until she arrived home from hospital a week later with their new baby, her requiring the usual 6 weeks post-op recovery. Immediately she arrived home he had pressured her for intercourse, over & over again. Sure she had needs too, but the healing of her sliced tummy was far more important! Although she had offered him anything but penetration, that wasn’t enough for him; after three weeks, he left her & the baby to fend for themselves. Being a well-earning professional she had got back on her feet relatively quickly, though with just a single income she was now down-sizing into a modest apartment.

Natalia looked up as Mark entered the room carrying a stack of several large boxes – she could never have lugged all that weight in one trip. Due to the summer heat, he had – with her permission – removed the polo shirt he had started the day in. She’d seen him shirtless before, but even with his slim, toned physique helped by hours of outdoor activity, her deep sisterly friendship with him had never allowed her to appreciate this aspect of his masculinity – until now. “It must be the damn breastfeeding hormones!” Natalia thought, as she found herself admiring for the first time Mark’s sweat-sheened muscles.

“I just need to rest for a while, Mark”.

“Sure, take your time Sweetie” Mark responded.

Although he’d been calling her that for years to mark their mutual brotherly/sisterly affection for each other, as another first her nipples tingled at that word. “Damn hormones!!” she thought again, but never-the-less, kept watching with growing enjoyment as Mark’s admittedly-nice body hauled load after load into her house from the hired truck.

From Mark’s point-of-view, he knew Natalia considered him wholly and solely like her big brother. Although this was sweet and certainly enabled him to spend a lot of time with her – which they both appreciated – he longed for more. He utterly adored them both, Natalia and Lana. Both women were very similar in many ways, but very different in many others. Lana had captured his mind, but Natalia had captured his heart. He was careful to never, ever let either of them see when he furtively checked out Natalia’s wonderfully-curvy physique. She was tall, with beautiful Russian facial features and long, straight, mid-blonde hair. Her full hips and lovely round ass were great teases, but it was her breasts which crowned her physical perfection in his eyes. They were big E-cups, which although always well hidden, he’d managed to check out just the once when she bent over and inadvertently offered him a view right down her luscious cleavage. That image of her lovely, soft, round globes had ingrained itself in Mark’s memory ever since, even though he knew he’d never see more. But what he had seen was incredible!

Mark found himself, as usual, sneaking longing glances at Natalia’s lovely curves as she lay on the sofa while he continued carrying boxes into her flat. He was hot, and covered with sweat. So, it seemed, was Natalia as over time he spotted her blouse beginning to wetly plaster itself to her chest.

“Why don’t you stand stand in front of the fan, Sweetie?” Mark suggested.

Natalia gave him a quizzical look, surprised again that her nipples had twinged at that word. Until she looked down! Her breast-feeding tits, now G-cup due to being brim-full of milk, were leaking through the front of her blouse! She was mortified!! She couldn’t let Mark know the affect that her watching him had on her body, so springing up, she ran to the bedroom and slammed the door.

Sitting on her bed behind the closed door, Natalia was in a state of distress. Her leaking breasts were so obvious that Mark couldn’t help but to have commented on them! Even though he had mistaken the large, wet patches for sweat then, her subsequent reaction meant that now he’d certainly know what had happened. With the baby at grandmother’s for the day, Natalia couldn’t even use the let-down reflex as an excuse. She tensed as the expected knock came.

“Sweetie – I’m so, so sorry!” came Mark’s concerned voice. ” I really though the heat was getting to you as much as I’m feeling it.”

Thoughts swirled through Natalia’s head. She was utterly embarrassed by her arousal, but she couldn’t leave Mark standing outside her door forever. “Come in”, she whispered.

Sitting down beside Natalia, Mark comforted her. “You’re a new Mum – it happens!”

Natalia relaxed; he had figured out the effect, but not the cause 🙂 She put her arm around her “big brother” and pulled him close in an appreciative hug. He responded, enveloping her in his two strong arms. Her appreciation of Mark grew, but again in a more physical sense. His manly smell stirred her senses, especially as her soft arms felt for the first time his bare, muscular torso. Not wanting to give this up she maintained the hug, even as her arousal grew further – as did the tingling in her nipples. Natalia could feel her breasts swelling as milk began to run from her engorged nipples, soaking her blouse. Maybe with her breasts pressed against his chest, Mark wouldn’t notice? But as Mark then hugged her tighter, this thought was dashed – he knew something was up, and this was turning her on even more.

Turning her head to look into Mark’s eyes, Natalia spoke huskily “I hope you don’t mind. My ex hated my breasts filling with milk, and now I’m dripping it all over you!”

“Sweetie” said Mark, with an expression in his eyes she had never seen before, “You wouldn’t believe how incredibly sexy I find you like this!”

Natalia’s nipples throbbed at this first-ever expression of desire from Mark. Almost on automatic, her hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it drop behind her. Her maternity bra followed suite, allowing her massive, bare G-cups to swing freely. Soaked in milk, they glistened in the daylight streaming through the window. So huge & round, Mark was utterly entranced. He knew they’d be lovely, but Natalia’s amazing tits were beyond his wildest expectations, especially as rivulets of white milk ran slowly down from her huge nipples.

“Oh God …” choked Mark, almost speechless with desire.  “Can … can I touch them, Sweetie?” he asked, Natalia noting the lust in his voice matching that in his eyes.

“I haven’t been held by a man in 6 months” breathed Natalia. “I need you so much, Mark!”

“Oh Sweetie … I’ve always wanted you!” responded Mark. “And it’s been 3 years between drinks for me!”

Natalia was shocked. Despite being her BFF and sharing almost everything, Lana never talked about her love life; Mark continued in explanation, “Lana’s never had a sex drive – quite the opposite of me, which has been extremely frustrating. Maybe that’s why she insisted we wait until marriage before allowing me to touch her that way. And she never lets me play with her breasts, which is extremely disappointing as I’m absolutely a tits-man! So your amazing, milky pair is driving me completely wild!”

Suddenly, Natalia understood – she had always been proud of her E-cup breasts, even more so when they engorged to milky G-cups with pregnancy. But her ex had only ever given them cursory attention on the way to roughly ramming inside her, and he couldn’t stand her tits they started leaking. And here was her sweet Mark with the opposite problem – clearly wanting to worship her huge, dripping breasts, after being denied his pleasure for years.

Natalia now knew she needed much more than Mark’s touch alone.  Gently, she took Mark’s head in her hands and lowered it towards her breasts. Mark couldn’t believe how huge her aureoles were, or how long & thick her nipples had become. Her sweet, milky scent was arousing him indescribably, causing pre-cum to spill from his trapped cock-head. First flicking his tongue repeatedly and lusciously across both aroused aureoles, Mark then took one of Natalia’s begging nipples into his mouth. Lapping his tongue over & around it, he sucked it lovingly, revelling in the gush of warm milk that poured forth into him.

“OOOOOOHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh …..” moaned Natalia, her own voice so wracked with arousal that she barely recognised it as her own.  

Mark’s hungry, loving mouth introduced each of Natalia’s swollen breasts to more pleasure than she’d ever dreamed possible for them to contain.  As each of her turgid nipples jetted her freely-given love between his kissing & suckling lips, the other continued to gush its fountain of sweet warmth though his caressing fingertips and over her shapely curves in mutual appreciation of his erotic explorations.  With Mark’s hot, wet mouth alternating to expertly pleasure every part of her desperately-needy breasts, nipples and aureoles, surges of electricity began to jolt from each enraptured breast down to her throbbing pussy. Natalia couldn’t help it even if she wanted to – shifting position to straddle Mark, through their clothes she began to ride his thigh, rubbing her now-sopping pussy and well-lubricated clit again and again along his muscular leg.

With eyes rolled back and her chest heaving with panting breath, Natalia’s body was wracked with uncontrollable lust. Her huge, swollen breasts were spraying both into Mark’s loving mouth and also wetly lubricating their thrusting bodies as she rode his thigh. Natalia’s slick pussy juices were gushing more heavily than she had ever experienced before, completely soaking her light-pink lace panties, summer skirt and Mark’s shorts. With Mark’s own moans of arousal tingling from his mouth, through her taught tit-flesh and into the sensual core of her being, their combined unrequited love could be denied no longer! Desperately ripping off her skirt & panties and Mark’s shorts, Natalia’s fumbling hand finally freed Mark’s frustrated cock from his pre-cum soaked briefs. She guided Mark’s cock to her engorged womanly need, and raising up her now-naked body, plunged her soaked, desperate pussy fully down over his length!

“YES !!!” screamed Natalia in a mixture of unbridled passion and surprise – Mark’s cock, though only slightly longer than the only one she had experienced previously, was MUCH thicker! It filled her, stretching her silken pussy-walls, with her increasing vocalisations showing how much she absolutely adored it!! Bouncing faster and faster on him as Mark continued to suck her spraying nipples and squeeze & caress her desire-filled, shaking globes with his exploring hands, Natalia experienced something new. Mark’s thick cock-head caressed her G-spot every time she impaled herself on him, and with her clit grinding against him on every thrust, her pussy was being simultaneously stimulated both inside & out! As Mark’s increasingly-loud groans signalled his own appreciation of Natalia’s lust-crazed bouncing, Natalia become even more aroused to see his usually-smiling face now utterly enraptured with her milky, womanly attentions!

With Natalia’s entire body now in complete sexual overload, and Mark in heaven with his face between her bountiful, squirting tits while her dripping pussy massaged his long-deprived cock, a ground-shaking orgasm erupted simultaneously over both of them! Natalia’s pussy convulsed again and again, as Mark’s thick cock filled her with pulse after pulse of his hot, sticky man-cum. They continued thrusting into each other, merging into one sexual being moaning & writhing in long-awaited shared delight! By the time their lustful writhing finally subsided, their naked bodies were both shining all-over with the milk & juices of their long-denied desire for each other.

After what seemed an eternity still passionately entwined in each other’s arms, unable to let go, Natalia’s mind gradually clawed its way back out of the overwhelming & all-consuming haze of lust. One thing she knew – as echoed by Mark between an unending stream of soft, loving kisses – was that whatever their future held, there would absolutely be more of this!

This story remains (C) Breast Inspector. All characters within are purely fictional.

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